"Trying to look after my people thats trapped in evil" ~ Rakim


Street-Therapy is my response to America's vitriol towards Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and other good folks of color.  Ever since President Barak Obama was elected whites have increasingly become demonic.

Have you reached a point in life where you are ready to mature and leave the madness and drama of street life behind?  I don't mean turning your back on those closest to you, I'm referring to your desire to grow from your circumstances.  The streets maybe calling but but does its consequences have greater meaning to you and your family?  Even though you have survived gritty experiences, how psychologically healthy are you?  Spirituality?  How does your hustler's paranoia impact your relationships?  Will you continue the cycle of boys and girls being raised without omnipotent presence of a man in the house?  Are you a conscious commodity for prison industrial complex?  If these questions feel as if I'm speaking to you or your boyfriend, brother, cousin, friend or even father then I invite you and/or yours to take this road of self-discovery with a man that wants to inspire his folks to meet the challenges of modern America.  





My goals are to season America's mainstream palate, support my culture by facilitating personal development, analyze systematic & institutional racism.  My purpose is to create a fellowship of men & women across the world that inspires to end White oppression towards people of color.  My muses are Bikram Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Grown Man Values, Hip-Hop, and Psychology.  My Light is contagious.
~ De

The poignancy of Zen Buddhism will influence you to value your ability to take full responsibility for your actions.

Prejudice and inequality are man-made dis-eases.