"Lord knows I've waited for this a lifetime, and I'm an icon when I let my light shine
Shine bright as an example of a champion, taking the advantage, never copping out or cancelling,
Burn like a chariot, learn how to carry it, maverick, always above and beyond average"  ~ Black Thought



I love redemption!   

Nothing gets me as excited as experiencing someone overcoming great odds, it doesn’t matter if I know them personally or from watching a movie or listening to a song/album or absorbing an interview; my highest appreciation is the same.  As a kid, I loved watching movies like Rocky, but more than the fighting I specifically zeroed in on “how” he became greater.  Various scenes of Stallone kicking ass in the gym, running on the beach and through the streets of Philadelphia while Eye of the Tiger played in the background became imbedded into my psyche, and pushed my desire to tap into the spirit of willpower.  And although I was too young to fully grasp the galactic message, Yoda teaching Luke to “use the force” tingled like a call for mind over matter.  

My own triumph followed turbulence.  At fifteen, I found myself moving and grooving in the streets, leading five years later to a 4:00am raid and legal repercussions.  Over the following three years, lost my mother, had typical street issues and dealt with drug-addicted relatives.  Yet, it was during this period that I learned to understand and connect with my instincts and vowed to live by them, made changes and committed to sacrifices allowing my true essence to emerge.  I was determined to change my fortune, and it didn’t matter that many family members turned their back as I accepted a greater challenge by becoming my sister and cousin’s legal guardian.  After weathering the storm I returned to school and while earning my B.A. degree in Psychology I assisted Marcelle Kardush Ph.D., with several Group Process courses and facilitated group discussions regarding complex issues such as racism, gender inequality, childhood trauma, trust amongst others, guiding my interest in the process of healing and growth.   After completion, I took a solo, month-long excursion to Europe stretching and rattling my perceptions of history, art, and culture.



My time of exclusively helping close family and friends has come and gone as I now desire to help anyone who wishes to redeem karma, create a new family foundation or life trajectory, understand social manipulation or find your way out of the game, I’m confident my experiences and knowledge will be beneficial.  Life experiences, hip-hop, Psychology, Eastern Philosophy and metaphysics will be the frame for soul provoking, and culture seasoned blogs that will offer you tangible suggestions to stomp through life quagmires.  Walk this journey with me and tell a friend.




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